3 Best Lights for Cam Modeling and Cam Lighting Tips

3 Best Lights for Cam Modeling and Cam Lighting Tips

3 Best Lights for Cam Modeling and Cam Lighting Tips

Lighting is one of the most important aspects that will make or break your cam modelling career. There are various types of lights available for cam modeling that will smooth out your face and body to ensure that your fans get the best show and tip more. In this article, we look at the 3 best lights for cam modelling as well as actionable tips that will increase the quality of your shows.

Best Lights for Cam Modeling



Hensel Integra 500 2-Light KIT with Chimera Soft Box

The kit has two 500-watt monolights that have a sturdy aluminum casing with a built-in handle, and they recycle to full power in only 2.2 seconds. You will also get a 3000-watt modeling lamp, two light stands, and a 16’’ X 22’’ soft box, and grid reflectors. It is an easy to carry kit thanks to the wheeled carry-on bag. 



profoto - s-l640

Profoto B1 500 Air Battery-Powered 2-Light Location Kit

It uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery that you can trigger them remotely or interface them with your webcam. The B1 kit has two 500-watt flash heads, and the charger comes in a backpack case. It can recycle to full power in under 2 seconds, and for freezing action, the B1 kit has 1/19,00o seconds of flash duration. When fully charged the onboard batteries will give you 220 full power flashes.



Dynalite RK8-1222 Road 800-Watt 2 Head Kit

This is arguably the smallest light kit in our list, but this does not mean reduced performance.

It can recycle to full power in 1.2 seconds, and the heads have amazingly bright 250-watt modeling lamps. You also get two compact stands, a padded carry on case, and umbrellas.


Lighting Tips for Cam Modeling

Now that you have your lights, here are tips to help you get the most out of them.

3 points 3-Point Lighting

This involves positioning your lights in 3dfferent angles to highlight and accentuate your figure. The 3 lights are known as fill light, key light, and the backlight. It matters how you position them as well as the intensity of the light.  

Gain and Exposure

When used properly, you can get good image quality even from a low-end webcam. Essentially, the more light there is for the camera to pick up, the better your broadcast will be. For a better broadcast, increase the exposure and reduce on the gain for best results. 

Saturation and White Balance


This is dependent on the type of reflectors you will use on your lights. You can use low K LED bulbs to add warm natural tones to your set and enhance the broadcast. White and silver reflectors are preferred since they can maintain the warmth of the set with minimal effort.


There you have it our pick of the best lights for cam modeling and tips on how to set up your set. Remember to always play around with your light setup to accentuate your features. Remember, no matter the quality of your webcam; lighting is the key thing that will get your show more noticeable.


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