How Much Money Can You Make As a Cam Girl?

In answer to the frequently asked question, as a cam girl you can make a potentially unlimited amount of money? Realistically, you can expect anywhere from a few hundred to a $1,000 on a good night as a cam girl. An average night could bring in anywhere from $50 to $100.


This doesn’t mean that you will make money everyday, or at least as much as you want. Each cam site has its own trends, some sites see more use at certain times of day, certain days of the week, ect. Paying attention to these trends and talking with other cam girls will help you to get a feel of when and how to broadcast.


That being said, it is no wonder why camming is becoming more and more popular among girls (and guys). The ability to stay at home and make as much as (or more than) you would at a regular job is naturally an attractive prospect. It is also very easy to get into, all you need is a computer with a webcam and the Internet.

What Is Bonga Cams

Bonga Cams is quickly becoming one of the most popular cam sites. It has even won several awards. These rewards include Best Emerging Cam Site, an award giving by the Live Cam Awards (2016) and YNOT’s Best Live Cam Revenue Program (2016).

After registering as a model, you will use the Bonga Cams site to login and stream directly from your webcam. Bonga Cams brings viewers to you, so you only have to worry about looking pretty and giving a good show.

What Does Bonga Cams Have To Offer?

Bonga Cams provides an award winning platform that connects cam girls with paying viewers. Models broadcasting on Bonga Cams receive one of the highest commission in the industry, more than 50%. Viewers pay in tokens, which they buy with real money and use to pay for private and group shows. They can also pay to spy on someone else’s show, paying 7 tokens per minute.

become bonga model pageHow To Maximize Your Earnings On Bonga Cams

So by now you may be wondering how you can earn the most broadcasting on Bonga Cams. The first step is to take pride in your appearance. Cam girls that broadcast with their hair done, makeup on and a sexy outfit will almost always do better than a girl who isn’t wearing makeup and is slouching in her PJs.



Dress like you are actually trying to seduce someone. After all, you are. Camming is an industry where you do best if you put effort into your appearance. Just like nobody would want to buy Nike shoes if they looked rundown, dirty and unattractive, you are your brand. Be unique, be sexy, and be proud.



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