Thinking about Becoming a Webcam Model?

chbThinking about earning some extra money on the side? If you are, being a webcam model is certainly the perfect way to do it. Not only can you make extra money on the side, but you can also make a greatly profitable living off of doing it. Many women think of this job and think that they have never wanted to be a pornstar and that this job is no different. However, being a webcam model is way different from being a pornstar.

As a webcam model you are your own boss. You decide if you want extras on your show or not and you never have to worry about birthcontrol or STDs on solo shows. There is also the added benefit of being able to block those that are from your city, state or even country from veiwing your cam show. That way, it can be your little secret!

Webcam models are actually very respectable, and half the time you don’t even have to do anything except take off half your clothes in order to make $50.00 profit in tips. You can even do special shows for people where they pay per minute or per show and these shows are done by the agreed upon terms of you and the clients.

Overall Site Evaluation

Payment structure, cash outs, chargebacks 8.7/10
Site and functionality 8.6/10
Profitability  9/10
Site quality & traffic 7.9/10
Regional blocking and privacy 8/10
Model guides & resources 7/10
Software functionality and requirements 7.8/10


Chaturbate is a very great site to use as a webcam model. They pay 5 cents for every token that you recieve and usually a normal tip averages around 200 tokens. This means that the average tip is around $10.00 or lower. With an average of around 10 people per room/show, you stand to make at least $50-$100.00 in a day with just showing off half of your body and teasing all day. If you are a very sexual person, you could probably make between $150.00-$300.00 at the least in a day.

Does this spark your interest? I thought it might. As a model, you will find it to be very fun and completely enjoyable. The guys on Chaturbate are mostly funny mixed with a couple of weirdos of course, but that’s normal.


The most interesting part about working on Chaturbate, other then the mega bucks and awesome conversations, has to be the bots and apps that you can install for your room. These bots and apps allow you to do things like, send personal random messages to users, hold contests, celebrate accomplishments and many other cool and fun things. With Chaturbate you can either work by yourself or work with someone else. Working with someone else can either work in your favour or not, depending on how good looking the person is and what you determine their percentage would be.


All in all, Chaturbate is a must have for webcam models everywhere and a great place for newbies to start at. The registration is free, the signup is fast and easy, the payments are done twice monthly, you earn 5 cents per token and the customer service is excellent.



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