Crak Revenue Review

Crak Revenue is the most trusted and reliable CPA network in the world today. The many positive reviews posted online as well as the many success stories from affiliates is enough proof that this platform works. One of the main aspects that give this platform a higher cutting edge in the market is the fact that it was created by affiliate marketers who have a deep understanding of the industry and are still actively involved in its management. Here are some of the key attributes that place Crak Revenue ahead of the curve.

Overall Site Evaluation

Payment structure, cashouts, chargebacks 8.2/10
Site and functionality 8.8/10
Profitability 8.2/10
Site quality & traffic 8/10
Regional blocking and privacy 8/10
Model guides & resources 8.5/10
Software functionality and requirements 7.9/10

Reliable and Accuracy


The platform has several inbuilt systems that assist in tracking the performance of your campaigns in high precisions. The systems monitor users activity from the second they land on your website to the moment they place an order. With accurate conversion tracking information at hand, you will be able to make informed decisions that will steer your business in the right direction. Once you login, you will see a dashboard that you can use to sort the data based on data, country, offers, and device. 

Effective Tunnels

Crak Revenue has a team of professional designers who have mastered the art of creating sales pages as well as display ads that record high conversion rates. The ads are suitable for both mobile and desktop traffic. More importantly, the ads will be tested to ensure that they are fully functional before being presented to you. Hence, rest assured that you would get value for money and time invested in them.

Smart Links

crackrevenue smart links

In a bid to enhance the performance of the ads, Crak Revenue has gone an extra mile to develop advanced Smartlinks that are more reliable than the conventional affiliate links. The team will create a Smartlink for every offer and each of them comes with dozens of top converting offers to ensure that no potential customers slip to your competitors. For example, the user’s geographical location will be used to determine the most suitable products and offers to display. More importantly, the links are continuously optimized and improved to ensure that they continue to deliver the expected results.

Extra Earning Opportunities


Crak Revenue has gone an extra mile to offer extra earning opportunities that you can use to get 30% or more additional income from your campaigns. All you need to do is enable/allow usage of pop-unders as well as back-offers on all CR affiliate links that are manually generated. The pop-unders are great since they give marketers a chance to earn more money without overloading the existing website ads. It is also important to note that the back-offers are basically complimentary offers that only become visible on the screen when the users click to go to the next page. This strategy has proven to be effective in saving a sale before a potential customer decides to exit the website.

Payment Terms

At the moment, the minimum payment threshold is $100 but for affiliate marketers who opt to be paid via wire transfer, the minimum payout is $500 due to the high processing fee associated with the transactions. Apart from Wire, you can also be paid via Check and Paxum. It is also important to note that payments are sent out twice per month. 



Crack Revenue is an awesome affiliate CPA marketing platform that you can count on to help you succeed as an affiliate marketer. Join thousands of other affiliate marketers who are leveraging the platform to make thousands of dollars per month by registering. 


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