This cam site is dedicated to letting cam girls sell their custom content and also their videos that they made previously. Of course, they also give their members the ability to do live cam shows. The only thing that I have found to suck with this site is that they only pay members through Payoneer. However, if you consider the fact that you will make loads of cash using their site, it becomes less of a big deal.


One of the cool things about this cam site is that they allow you to give yourself tags, in order to direct certain types of traffic to your profile. If you are doing custom content, you can set the prices for per minute rates.

You are also able to say if you want clients to pay extra for special things, like videos that you might have to do some weird things in or things that will get you all messy.

Overall Site Evaluation

Payment structure, cash outs, chargebacks 7.6/10
Site and functionality 8/10
Profitability  8.5/10
Site quality & traffic 8.3/10
Regional blocking and privacy 8/10
Model guides & resources 7.7/10
Software functionality and requirements 8/10

My favorite addition for this site was when they added on the private feature. You can set the private feature up to where everyone who goes onto your show has to pay the per minute price that you have set up. This means that you don’t have to go through the hole waiting process that you sometimes do with other cam sites, where you have to wait for clients to tip you.


Are You Thinking About Making Money on Cam?

For years now, women all across the globe have found out that they can use cam sites to make a real good amount of extra money. The job of a webcam model is not for all however. After reading this, you might just find that you are just too shy for going on cam. However, every cam model who started off as shy found that being shy actually helped them earn more money! How is this possible? The men and women who would be viewing your show on cam are in love with women who seem innocent!

It does not matter what size you are, what your hair color is, how messy your hair is, what outfits you wear, there is always someone who wants to pay you for acting like yourself on cam, and showing off some of your body, if you choose to go that route. That’s right, you thought that you would have to get naked to make money, didn’t you? There are cam models out there who do nothing but talk to their viewers and flirt with them. Although, getting naked does improve money earning, the later you become naked in your show, the more money you will make.

With the average cam girl making around $100.00 in a day, there are endless possibilities for how much money you could make!


Another great thing is that you keep 70% of the money made off of your custom and premade clips and for the live shows that you do you will be able to keep 60%. As a bonus, for tips/tributes you are able to keep 75% of the money earned. While this site might not be for everyone, it sure is worth a try. I have known a lot of cam girls who have used this site and all of them love it and say that they makes tons of money using it.


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