Earn Money with Cam Modeling in 3 Easy Steps


Make The Right Choice in a Cam Site

This one is a biggy. It is very important to find a great cam site that will allow you to do the most with your show. Do not worry about things like what percentage of the cut you get, because that is the least important. If you make your show amazing, then how much the site takes as comission won’t matter as much. To make your show amazing though, you have to remember to pick a great site that has a lot of members to be your fan base, has contests and has bots to make your show better.


Chaturbate comes highly recommended for these reasons. Chaturbate is one of the best jobs a cam girl can get in the year 2016, with Bongacams, XModels, Stripchat, Custom4U, KinkyCash and CrakRevenue They have a huge amount of members, loads of bots and contests. This is why so many models love using their site for the main portion of their money making.

Don’t Get Naked on Cam too Fast

While you might think that that’s why guys and women will come to watch your show, getting naked to fast can take away the adventure and fun of it. Models who get naked too fast make way less then those who wait to show off their bodies. People love the wait, the not knowing and they will pay more just to talk to you and slowly make your clothes come off.


There is nothing better for a guy or a woman to watch then to watch a woman teasing them on cam. Your fans will love the sensation of waiting and you will be glad that you did wait! If you do get naked, remember to use “toys”. Toys will help out a lot during your show, and if you’re anxious to get naked, it’s the best way to go with your show.

Making The Most out of Your Show and Profile

Cam girls everywhere stress the need to make use of the bots and contests. These will help you make your show better. Also, building up your profile can help out a lot too! Your fans will want to know every detail about you, so give it to them! Make them lust after you for who you are!


Make sure your profile has no blank spots and also makes sure to put up a lot of items for sale such as pics, vids and panties. This way your fans can have something to remember you. Making money as a model is simple, all you have to do is remember these steps and you will be golden!


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