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Are you looking for endless opportunities to earn? Look no further. With over a decade of solid entertainment under their belt, ImLive offers you a great platform to work. They have numerous categories to cater to their customers. This means you will not miss a chance to find a group best suited for you. The site has models from all over the world which gives you an opportunity to earn from wherever you are. ImLive offers interactive tutorials for the models that provide basic training to show them how to maneuver around the website. They also teach you how to maximize profits when on and offline.

imlive-review-largeHow do you join the ImLive community?

There are no gender restrictions or long application process. The only real requirement is that you must be 18 years old or older. As long as you are old enough and have the required equipment, you can quickly start performing and earning. With only a few steps required, joining the ImLive community is hustle free. You are required to supply your photo for age verification, fill out necessary information about yourself and how you want to get paid. All you need to do is click on the “create an account” tab, upload photo, and fill in the information required. Once done, you are free to start video chatting!

How do you Make Money on ImLive Community?


There are numerous ways to make money on ImLive. All models start with a commission from members spending in a private chat. If you are among the top 120 hosts (Hall of fame) for a particular period, you earn an extra 5% the next pay period. The same goes for the top 80 most attentive hosts. Should you make it in the hall of fame and most alert in the same pay period, you receive an extra 8% for all private sessions. The site offers commissions for new model referrals when a host signs up through your link. When you convert a free member (customer) to a paying one, you have the potential of earning 100% commission on their first purchase. All these avenues will assure you great returns according to the work you put in. 

What makes it the Best Live Web Cam Website?


The site offers a “Power Guide” button on the main page that assists you to learn how to use the features of the website to ensure maximum earnings. Technicians are professional and prompt in service provision. They give detailed and helpful responses within just a few hours of inquiry. There is an active on site forum for hosts that allow you to interact and learn more about the business.


The webcam sessions are web-based. This makes it easy to start the video chats.All you have to do is click the “Start Video Chat” button on the main page. When viewers enter or leave your paid page, there is a notification sound. This helps you not to be caught off guard when starting a video chat. It also gives you a countdown when someone exits before going back into the free mode to allow you to get ready for the next show. 


As a model on ImLive, you have the freedom to choose how much to charge. This is made possible through your seniority. The more hours you put in and the higher your ratings are, the more money you can ask your viewers.


As the site is always evolving, you are sure to keep working in an exciting environment. The smooth navigation and power tools are a welcome addition as they make interaction with client easy. This is great for you looking to work in a fun community while getting great earnings.


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