Webcam Model “Job of the Year 2016”



What does Chaturbate have to offer their models? They give their models the ability to not only make 5 cents for every token but also give them the ability to sell whatever they want on their profile, block whoever they want, make cool bots, create contests and so much more!

If you are looking for a fun job, there is no better one then working for Chaturbate. With thousands of members online constantly there are so many ways for models to make a lot of money! Want to take part in the shy movement? That is okay! On Chaturbate you don’t even have to go on cam to make money, you can sell your panties, you can sell your pictures, you can sell your emails and so many more things! This cam site certainly has a lot to offer the women who want to make some extra money.

Most of the models on Chaturbate can make more then $100.00 in just 2-4 hours! Some of them even make around $1,000.00 in a day! Who doesn’t want to make that much money? The best part of the site has to be the bots and the contests though! They are fun to set up and even funner to enjoy with your fans. You can set up bots for room goals, create contests for seeing who wants to win a date with you, set up bots that will make someone the king when they are the top tipper, set up contests for who can make you loose your clothes the fastest with tips and more!

Chaturbate is loads of fun for everyone. The models have fun and the fans do too. One of the best parts is getting to know and have fun with repeat fans. You can even set up an amazon wish list for your fans to buy you gifts from! Many women add on “special toys” to their shows, wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t even have to buy those toys? There are multiple reasons why this cam site has been rated as the Webcam Model Job of The Year 2016 and in the years to come there will certainly be more!


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